< > B495 - Infectious Diseases in Livestock [Royal Society Inquiry Report]

Contents & Summary



Reproduced with permission. Copyright The Royal Society.

Author(s) / Editors Chair, Sir Brian Follett FRS
Publisher The Royal Society, London, UK (Specific website link W680.Sept07.w1)
Year 2002
ISBN 0 85403 579 6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B495.Summ.w11 Summary and main recommendations    vii
B495.1.w1 Overview   1-7
B495.1.w2 The modern livestock industry   9-16
B495.3.w3 Infectious diseases of livestock   17-38
B495.4.w4 The trading dimension   39-42
B495.5.w5 Surveillance, biosecurity and livestock management   43-56
B495.6.w6  Epidemiology, data and modelling   57-74
B495.7.w7 Diagnosis   75-86
B495.8.w8 Vaccination   87-109
B495.9.w9 Dealing with an outbreak: control measures and relevant wider issues   111
B495.10.w10 Research and development, education and training   131
  Annex A: Terms of reference 
Annex B: Conduct of the Inquiry 
Annex C: List of those who gave evidence 
Annex D: Glossary

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