< > B498 - Wild Cats Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Author(s) / Editors Nowell, K. & Jackson, P.
Publisher IUCN, Gland, Switzerland
Year 1996
ISBN 2-8317-0045-0

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B498.w1 Introduction    
B498.w2 Executive Summary    
B498.w3 Taxonomy of the Felidae    
Part I
B498.w4 Introduction    
B498.w5 Species Accounts    
B498.w6 Sub-Saharan Africa    
B498.w7 North Africa and Southwest Asia    
B498.w8 Tropical Asia    
B498.w9 Eurasia   90-113
B498.w10 The Americas    
Part II - Major Issues in Cat Conservation
B498.w11 Cats and Habitat Loss    
B498.w12 Management of Big Cats near People    
B498.w13 Research    
B498.w14 Trade    
B498.w15 Cats in Captivity    
B498.w16 Reintroduction    
Part III an Action Plan for Cat Conservation in the 1990s

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