< > B521 - Encyclopedia of Aviculture

Author(s) / Editors Holland, G.
Publisher Hancock House Publishers, Surrey, B.C., Canada
Year 2007
ISBN 0-88839-460-8  ISBN 13: 9780888394606

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B521.5 Geese, Ducks,Swans Anseriformes    
B521.5.01.w5a Anseranatidae Magpie Goose Weingartz, H. 189-190
B521.5.02.w5b Dendrocygnidae Whistling Ducks Weingartz, H. 190-191
B521.5.03c.w5c3 Geese and Ducks Anatidae Weingartz, H. 193-202
B521.19.02.w19b Gruidae Cranes Holland, G. 461-467
B521.20.w20 Ciconiiformes: Sandgrouse, Jacanas, Plovers, Gulls et alia    
B521.20.01.w20a Pteroclidae: Sandgrouse Holland, G. 484-486
B521.20.02.w20b Scolopacidae: Waders Johann, A. 486-491
B521.20.02.w20c Jacanidae: Jacanas Holland, G. 491-493
B521.20.04.w20d Burhinidae: Thick-Knees Holland, G. 493-495
B521.20.05a.w20e Charadriidae: Recurvirostridae: Stilts Holland, G. 495-499
B521.20.05b.w20f Charadriidae: Charadrininae: Plovers Holland, G. & Schroeder, D. 499-503
B521.20.06a.w20g Laridae: Gulls Larinae Gulls   503-509
B521.20.06bw20h Alcinae Alcids   510-513
B521.w22 Environmental Education with Birds   12-14
B521.w23 Landscape   15-19
B521.w24 Stress Management   20-23
B521.w25 Control of Vermin   24-27
B521.w26 Propagation of Live Food   28-32, 97-98
B521.w27 Aviculture Management photo illustrations   33-96
B521.w28 Hand Rearing   99-103
B521.w29 Compatible Species   104-105

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