< > B58 - Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors John W Davis, Lars H Karstad, Daniel O Trainer
Publisher The Iowa State University Press, Iowa USA
Year 1981
ISBN 0-8138-0045-0

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B58.1.w1 Rabies Sikes, R.K. 3-17
B58.2.w2 Rinderpest (1981)  Scott, G. R. 18-30
B58.3.w3 Distemper Budd, J. 31-44
B58.4.w4 Hemorrhagic diseases of wild ruminants Hoff, G. L. & Trainer, D. O. 45-53
B58.6.w6 Foot-and-Mouth Disease. Note: typesetting error in Table 1 in this chapter. This table uses codes "a" and "b" to represent "virus isolated" and "antibody demonstrated". THESE HAVE BEEN INADVERTENTLY REVERSED. i.e. the codes should read "a" antibody demonstrated, "b" virus isolated, not as indicated in the key to the table. Hedger, R.S. 87-96
B58.7.w7 Feline panleukopaenia Bittle, J.L. 97-101
B58.11.w11 Herpesvirus of wild ungulates, including malignant catarrhal fever virus Plowright, W.  126-146
B58.15.w15 Infectious Canine Hepatitis Cabasso, V.J. 191-195
B58.17.w17 Miscellaneous viral infections Karstad, L. 547-550
B58.18.w18 Tularemia Bell, J.F. & Reilly, J.R. 213-231
B58.22.w22 Tuberculosis Thoen, C. O. & Himes, E. M. 263-274
B58.24.w24 Brucellosis Witter, J.F. 280-287
B58.25.w25 Anthrax Choquette, L. P. E. & Broughton, E. 288-296
B58.26.w26 Erisipelothrix infection Wood, R.L. & Shuman, R.D. 297-316
B58.27.w27 Listeriosis Dijkstra, R.G. 306-316
B58.30.w30 Leptospirosis Shotts, E.B. Jr. 323-331
B58.37.w37 Adiaspiromycosis Jellison, W.L. 366-368
B58.40.w40 Q Fever Bell, J.F. 388-397

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