< > B600 - Textbook of Rabbit Medicine

Author(s) / Editors Harcourt-Brown, F.
Publisher Reed Educational and Professional Publishing Ltd, Oxford, UK.
Year 2002
ISBN 0 7506 4002 2

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B600.1.w1 Biological characteristics of the domestic rabbit   1-18
B600.2.w2 Diet and husbandry   19-51
B600.3.w3 The rabbit consultation and clinical techniques   52-93
B600.4.w4 Therapeutics   94-120
B600.5.w5 Anaesthesia and analgesia   121-139
B600.6.w6 Clinical pathology    140-164
B600.7.w7 Dental disease   165-205
B600.8.w8 Abscesses    206-223
B600.9.w9 Skin diseases   224-248
B600.10.w10 Digestive disorders   249-291
B600.11.w11 Ophthalmic diseases   292-306
B600.12.w12 Neurological and locomotor disorders   307-323
B600.13.w13 Cardiorespiratory disease   324-334
B600.14.w14 Urogenital diseases   335-351
B600.15.w15 General surgical principles and neutering   352-360
B600.16.w16 Infectious diseases of domestic rabbits   361-385
B600.17.w17 Post mortem examination of rabbits   386-394

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