< > B602 - Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents - Clinical Medicine and Surgery Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Quesenberry, K.E. & Carpenter J.W.
Publisher WB Saunders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Year 2004

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B602.1.w1 Basic Anatomy, Physiology, and Husbandry Brown, S.A. 2-12
B602.2.w2 Basic Approach to Veterinary Care Quesenberry, K.E. 13-24
B602.3.I.w3A Gastrointestinal Diseases - General Gastrointestinal Disorders Hoefer, H.L.  25-33
B602.3.II.w3B Gastrointestinal DIseases - Helicobacter Mustalae Gastritis, Proliferative Bowel Disease, and Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis Bell, J.A. 33-40
B602.4.w4 Urogenital Diseases Pollock, C.G. 41-49
B602.5.w5 Periparturient and Neonatal Diseases Bell, J.A. 50-57
B602.6.I.w6A Cardiovascular and Other Diseases - Cardiac Disease Petrie, J. 58-66
B602.6.II.w6B Cardiovascular and Other Diseases - Aleutian Disease Morrisey, J.K. 66-71
B602.7.w7 Respiratory Diseases Rosenthal, K.L. 72-78
B602.8.w8 Endocrine Diseases Quesenberry, K.E. & Rosenthal, K.L. 79-90
B602.9.w9 Neoplasia Williams, B.H. 91-106
B602.10.w10 Dermatologic Diseases Orcutt, C. 107-114
B602.11.w11 Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Diseases Antinoff, N. 115-120
B602.12.w12 Soft Tissue Surgery Ludwig, L. & Aiken, S. 121-134
B602.13.w13 Basic Anatomy, Physiology, and Husbandry Donnelly, T.M. 136-146
B602.14.w14 Basic Approach to Veterinary Care Mader, R.M. 147-154
B602.15.w15 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Physiology Brooks, D.L. 155-160
B602.16.w16 Gastrointestinal Diseases Jenkins, J.R. 161-171
B602.17.w17 Respiratory Disease and Pasteurellosis Deeb, J.D. 172-182
B602.18.w18 Disorders of the Reproductive and Urinary Systems Paré, J.A. & Paul-Murphy, J. 183-193
B602.19.w19 Dermatologic Diseases Hess, L. 194-202
B602.20.w20 Neurologic and Musculoskeletal Diseases Deeb, J.D. & Carpenter, J.W. 203-210
B602.21.w21 Cardiovascular and Lymphoproliferative Diseases Huston, S.M. & Quesenberry, K.E 211-217
B602.21.w21a Part I Cardiovascular Diseases Huston, S.M.  211-216
B602.21.w21b Part II Lymphoproliferative Disorders Quesenberry, K.E 216-217
B602.22.w22 Soft Tissue Surgery Jenkins, J. R. 221-231
B602.33.w33 Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Sedation of Small Mammals Heard, D.J. 356-369
B602.34.w34a Small Mammal Dentistry Part I: Dental anatomy and dental disease Crossley, D.A. 370-379 (refs. 382)
B602.34.w34b Small Mammal Dentistry Part II: surgical techniques of dental abscesses in rabbits Aiken, S. 379-382
B602.35.w35 Orthopedics in Small Mammals Kapatkin, A. 383-391
B602.36.w36 Small Mammal Endoscopy Hernandez-Divers, S.J. & Murray, M.J. 392-394
B602.37.w37 Radiography and Ultrasound Stefanacci, J.D. & Hoefer, H.L. 395-413
B602.39.w39 Ophthalmologic Diseases in Small Pet Mammals van der Woerdt, A. 421-425
B602.41.w41 Formulary Morrisey, J.K & Carpenter, J.W. 436-444

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