< > B605 - Rabbits, Hares and Pikas. Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Author(s) / Editors Chapman, J.A. & Flux, J.E.C.
Publisher IUCN, Gland, Switzerland
Year 1990
ISBN  2-8317-0019-1

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B605.1.w1 Introduction and Overview of the Order Lagomorpha Chapman, J.A. & Flux, J.E.C  1-6
B605.2.w2 Lagomorpha Classification Angermann, R., Flux, J.E.C., Chapman, J.A. & Smith, A.T. 7-13
B605.3.w3 The Pikas Smith, A.T., Formozov, N.A., Hoffman, R.S., Changlin, Zheng & Erbajeva,M.A. 14-60
B605.4.w4 The Hares and Jackrabbits Flux, J.E.C. & Angermann, R. 61-94
B605.5.w5 The Cottontails Chapman, J.A. & Ceballos, G. 95-110
B605.6.w6 The Pygmy Rabbit Dobler, F.C. & Dixon, K.R. 111-115
B605.7.w7 The European Rabbit Gibb, J.A. 116-120
B605.8.w8 The African Rabbits Duthie, A.G., & Robinson, T.J. 121-127
B605.9.w9 The Hispid Hare Bell, D., Oliver, W.L.R., & Ghose, R.K. 128-136
B605.10.w10 The Sumatran Rabbit Flux, J.E.C. 137-139
B605.11.w11 The Amami Rabbit Sugimura, K. 140-142
B605.12.w12 The Volcano Rabbit Fa, J.E. & Bell, D. 143-146
B605.13.w13 Exotic Populations Flux, J.E.C., Duthie, A.G., Robinson, T.J. & Chapman, J.A. 147-154
B605.14.w14 Conservation Action Needed for Rabbits, Hares and Pikas Chapman, J.A., Flux, J.E.C., Smith, A.T., Bell, D.J., Ceballos, G.G., Dixon, K.R., Dobler, F.C., Formozov, N.A., Ghose, R.K., Oliver, W.L.R., Robinson, T.J., Schneider, E., Stuart, S.N., Sugimura, K. & Changlin Zheng. 154-167

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