< > B614 - The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit - Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Manning, P.J., Ringler, D.H. & Newcomer, C.E.
Publisher Academic Press Limited, 24-28 Oval Rd, London NW1 7DX
Year 1994
ISBN 0-12-469235-4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B614.1.w1 Taxonomy and Genetics Fox, R.R. 1-27
B614.2.w2 Colony Husbandry Patton, N.M. 28-46
B614.3.w3 Anatomy Cruise, L.J. & Brewer, N.R. 47-62
B614.4.w4 Physiology Brewer, N.R. & Cruise, L.J.  63-71
B614.5.w5 Basic Biomethodology Bivin, W.S. 72-86
B614.6.w6 Anesthesia and Analgesia Wixson, S.K. 87-110
B614.7.w7 Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology McLaughlin, R.M. & Fish, R.E. 111-130
B614.8.w8 Bacterial Diseases DeLong, D. & Manning, P.J. 131-170
B614.9.w9 Viral Diseases DiGiacomo, R. F. & Maré, C.J. 171-204
B614.10.w10 Protozoal Diseases Pakes, S.P. & Gerrity, L.W. 205-230
B614.11.w11 Arthropod and Helminth Parasites Hofing, G.L. & Kraus, A.L. 231-258
B614.12.w12 Neoplastic Diseases Weisbroth, S.H. 259-292
B614.13.w13 Inherited Diseases and Variations Lindsey, J.R. & Fox, R.R 293-320
B614.14.w14 Nutrition and nutritional diseases Ckeeke, P.R. 321-333
B614.15.w15 Metabolic, Traumatic, Mycotic, and Miscellaneous Diseases Begdall, V.K. & Dysko, R.C. 336-355
B614.16.w16 Zoonoses and Occupational Health Considerations Broderson, J.R. & Gluckstein, F.P. 356-366
B614.17.w17 Atherosclerosis Research Jayo, J.M., Schwenke, D.C. & Clarckson, T.B. 367-380
B614.19.w19 Models in Ophthalmology and Vision Research Peiffer, R.L., Pohm-Thorsen, L. & Corcoran, K. 409-433
B614.20.w20 Polyclonal Antibody Production Stills, H.F., Jr. 435-448
B614.21.w21 Toxicity and Safety Testing Anderson, J.A. & Henck, J.W. 449-467
B614.App.w22 Selected Drug Dosages and Clinical Reference Data Gillett, C.S. 467-472

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