< > B618 - Diseases of Domestic Rabbits Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Okerman, L.
Publisher Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK
Year 1994
ISBN 0-632-03804-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B618.1.w1 Introduction   1
B618.2.w2 General background   5-9
B618.3.w3 Anatomical peculiarities   10-13
B618.4.w4 Brief remarks on physiology   14-15
B618.5.w5 Feeding   16-20
B618.6.w6 Housing and hygiene   21-23
B618.7.w7 Breeding and raising   24-25
B618.8.w8 Behaviour   26-27
B618.9.w9 Handling for clinical examination and treatment   31-32
B618.10.w10 Examination of the living animal   33-36
B618.11.w11 Autopsy   37-41
B618.12.w12 Laboratory investigations as a diagnostic aid   42-47
B618.13.w13 Diseases of the skin   48-62
B618.14.w14 Diseases of the eye   63-64
B618.15.w15 Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system   65-70
B618.16.w16 Diseases of the digestive system   71-91
B618.17.w17 Diseases of the urogenital system   92-95
B618.18.w18 Diseases of the nervous system and related conditions   96-99
B618.19.w19 Systemic diseases   100-108
B618.20.w20 Inherited conditions and congenital deformities   109-112
B618.21.w21 Breeding problems   113-120
B618.22.w22 Administration of medication   121-127
B618.23.w23 Trauma and surgical intervention   128-130
B618.24.w24 Anaesthesia and hypnosis   131-135
B618.25.w25 Euthanasia   136-137
B618.26.w26 Zoonotic aspects   138-139

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