< > B623 - Lagomorph Biology Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

Author(s) / Editors Alves, P.C., Ferrand, N. & Hacklander, K. (Eds.)
Publisher Springer
Year 2008
ISBN 978-30540-72445-2

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B623.w1 Recovering the Endangered Riparian Brush rabbit (Sylvilagus bachmani riparius): Reproduction and growth in Confinement and Survival after Translocation Williams, D.F., Kelly, P.A., Hamilton, L.P., Lloyd, M.R., Williams, E.A. & Youngbloom, J.J. 349-361
B623.w2 Conservation of Critically Endangered Lagomorphs: The Tehuantepec Jackrabbit (Lepus flavigularis) as an Example Farias, V., Fuller, T.K., Cervantes, F.A. & Lorenzo, C. 363-368
B623.w3 A Review of the Biology and Conservation of the Amami Rabbit (Pentolagus furnessi) Yamada, F. 369-377
B623.w4 European Brown Hare Syndrome Frolich, K. & Laazza, A. 253-261

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