< > B626 - Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Lewington, J. H.
Publisher Saunders Ltd.
Year 2007
ISBN ISBN-10: 0702028274 
ISBN-13: 978-0702028274

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
  Part 1 Husbandry  
B626.1.w1 Classification, history and current status of ferrets   3-14
B626.2.w2 External features and anatomy profile   15-33
B626.3.w3 Accommodation   34-56
B626.4.w4 Nutrition   57-85
B626.5.w5 Reproduction and genetics   86-121
B626.6.w6 Ferret-polecat domestication: genetic, taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships Church, B. 122-150
B626.7.w7 Ferret handling, hospitalization and diagnostic techniques   151-165
  Part 2 Medicine  
B626.8.w8 Viral, bacterial and mycotic diseases   169-202
B626.9.w9 Ferret gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases Burgess, M.E. 203-223
B626.10.w10 Parasitic diseases of ferrets   224-257
B626.11.w11 Diseases of special concern   258-288
B626.12.w12 Diseases of the ferret ear, eye and nose   289-317
B626.13.w13 General neoplasia   318-345
B626.14.w14 Endocrine diseases   346-379
B626.15.w15 Managing ferret toxicoses Richardson, J. 380-389
  Part 3 Surgery    
B626.16.w16 Anaesthesia and radiology   393-416
B626.17.w17 Ultrasonography in ferret practice Johnson-Delaney, C.A> 417-429
B626.18.w18 General surgery Bennett, R.A. & Pye, G.W/ 430-439
B626.19.w19 Ferret vasectomy, orthopaedics and cryosurgery   440-457
B626.20.w20 Ferret emergency techniques Lucas, A. 458-464
  Part 4: Special Anatomy     
B626.21.w21 Ferret dentition and pathology Church, B. 467-485
B626.App.w22 Appendix   487-501

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