< > B627 - Biology and Diseases of the Ferret Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Fox, J.G. (Ed.)
Publisher Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, USA
Year 1998
ISBN 0-683-30034-2

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
  Section I  
B627.1.w1 Taxonomy, History, and Use Fox, J.G. 3-18
B627.8.w8 Growth, Reproduction, and Breeding Fox, J.G. and Bell, J.A. 211-227
  Section II  
B627.9.w9 Hematopoietic Diseases Erdman, S.E., Xiantang, L. and Fox, J.G. 231-246
B627.10.w10 Diseases Of The Genitourinary System Fox, J.G., Pearson, R.C. and Bell, J.A.  247-272
B627.11.w11 Diseases Of The Gastrointestinal System Fox, J.G. 273-290
B627.12.w12 Diseases Of The Endocrine System Fox, J.G. and Marini, R.P. 291-305
B627.13.w13 Other Systemic Diseases Fox, J.G. 307-320
B627.14.w14 Bacterial And Mycoplasmal Diseases Fox, J.G. 321-354
B627.15.w15 Viral Diseases Fox, J.G., Pearson, R.C. and Gorham J.R. 355-374
B627.16.w16 Parasitic Diseases Fox, J.G. 375-391
B627.17.w17 Mycotic Diseases Fox, J.G. 393-403
B627.18.w18 Neoplastic Diseases Xiantang Li and Fox, J.G. 405-447
B627.19.w19 Anesthesia, Surgery, And Biomethodology Marini, R.P. and Fox, J.G. 449-484
  Section III  
B627.20.w20 Viral Disease Models Pearson, R.C. and Gorham, J.R. 487-497
B627.21.w21 Use Of The Ferret In Cardiovascular Research Morgan, J.P. and Travers, K.E. 499-510
B627.22.w22 Use Of The Ferret In Behavioral Research Baum, M.J. 511-520
B627.23.w23 Use Of The Ferret In Reproductive Neuroendocrinology Baum, M.J. 521-535
B627.24.w24 Use Of The Ferret In Parasitological Research Eberhard, M.L. 537-549

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