< > B631 - BSAVA Manual of Rodents and Ferrets

Author(s) / Editors Keeble, E. and Meredith, A. (Eds.)
Publisher BSAVA, Gloucester, UK.
Year 2009
ISBN ISBN -13: 978-1-905319-08-4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B631.4.w4 Rodents: clinical pathology Wesche, P. 42-51
B631.17.w17 Ferrets: biology and husbandry Chitty, J. 193-204
B631.18.w18 Ferrets: physical examination and emergency care Chitty, J. 205-218
B631.19.w19 Ferrets: diagnostic imaging Girling, S.J. 219-229
B631.20.w20 Ferrets: clinical pathology Lennox, A. 230-235
B631.21.w21 Ferrets: therapeutics Morrisey, J. 237-244
B631.22.w22 Ferrets: anaesthesia and analgesia Johnson-Delaney, C.A. 245-253
B631.23.w23 Ferrets: common surgical procedures Capello, V. 254-268
B631.24.w24 Ferrets: dermatoses Meredith, A. 269-274
B631.25.w25 Ferrets: digestive system disorders Johnson-Delaney, C.A. 275-281
B631.26.w26 Ferrets: cardiovascular and respiratory system disorders Orcutt, C. & Malakoff, R.  282-290
B631.27.w27 Ferrets: urogenital and reproductive system disorders Fisher, P.G. 291-302
B631.28.w28 Ferrets: nervous and musculoskeletal disorders Lewis, W. 303-310
B631.29.w29 Ferrets: ophthalmology Montiani-Ferreira, F. 311-319
B631.30.w30 Ferrets: endocrine and neoplastic diseases Schoemaker, N. 320-329
B631.31.w31 Ferrets: systemic viral diseases Meredith, A. 330-334
B631.App1.w32 Differential diagnoses based on clinical signs -- 335-341

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