< > B651 - Complete Guide to Ferrets

Author(s) / Editors McKay, J.
Publisher Swan-Hill press
Year 1996
ISBN 1853104337

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B651.1.w1 Origins   11-27
B651.2.w2 Selection   28-39
B651.3.w3 Housing   40-51
B651.4.w4 Handling, Taming and Training   52-56
B651.5.w5 Feeding   57-66
B651.6.w6 Breeding   67-78
B651.7.w7 Working   79-95
B651.8.w8 Showing, Racing and Pets   96-100
B651.9.w9 Aliments and First Aid   101-119
B651.10.w10 Genetics   120-127
B651.App1.w11 Ferret Facts and Figures   128-130
B651.App2.w12 Glossary of Ferret and Ferreting Terms   131-139
B651.App3.w13 Bibliography   140-149
B651.App4.w14 Useful Addresses   150-156
B651.App5.w15 Code of Conduct for Organisers of Ferret Racing and Displays   157-158

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