< > B653 - WHO Guidelines on Tularemia

Author(s) / Editors Tärnvik, A. (Chief Editor)
Publisher World Health Organisation - WHO Press, Geneva, Switzerland.
Year 2007
ISBN 978 92 4 154737 6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B653.1.w1 Introduction Tärnvik, A. 1
B653.2.w2 The infectious agent Broman, T., Forsman, M., Petersen, J. & Sjöstedt, A. 3
B653.3.w3 Epidemiology Sjöstedt, A. 5
B653.4.w4 Clinical expression in humans   11
B653.5.w5 Treatment   21
B653.6.w6 Laboratory diagnostics and discrimination of subspecies and strains   27
B653.7.w7 Surveillance and outbreak management   35
B653.8.w8 Considerations for handling F. tularensis   41
B653.9.w9 References   47
B653.AnnA.w10 Diagnostic protocols   61
B653.AnnB.w11 Tests for supplemental characteristics   81
B653.AnnC.w12 Protocols for preparation of selected F. ularensis culture media   89
B653.AnnD.w13 Reagent List   93
B653.AnnE.w14 Transport of specimens and cultures of F. tularensis   95
B653.AnnF.w15 Checklist for outbreak investigation   99
B653.AnnG.w16 Protocols for trapping and sampling small mammals   105-

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