< > B660 - Laboratory Medicine. Avian and Exotic Pets

Author(s) / Editors Fudge, A.M. (Ed.)
Publisher W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, USA.
Year 2000
ISBN 0-7216-7679-0

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B660.31.w31 Rabbit and Ferret Sampling and Artifact Considerations Murray, M.J. 265-268
B660.32.w32 Ferret Hematology Fudge, A.M. 269-272
B660.34.w34 Disorders of Rabbit and Ferret Bone Marrow Williams, B.H. 276-284
B660.35.w35 Rabbit and Ferret Hemostasis Dodds, W.J. 285-290
B606.36.w36 Rabbit and Ferret Liver and Gastrointestinal Testing Jenkins, J.R. 291-304
B606.37.w37 Ferret Metabolic Testing Jenkins, J.R. 305-310
B606.38.w38 Rabbit and Ferret Renal Disease Diagnosis Hoefer, H.L. 311-318
B606.39.w39 Ferret and Rabbit Endocrine Disease Diagnosis Rosenthal, K.L. 319-324
B606.41.w41 Ferret Microbiology and Virology Williams, B.H. 3354-342
B606.42.w42 Ferret Surgical Pathology Schmidt, R.E. & Reavill, D.R. 343-352
B606.44.w44 Rabbit and Ferret Parasite Testing Patton, S. 358-359
B606.46.w46 Laboratory Reference Ranges for Selected Avian, Mammalian and Reptilian Species   375-400

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