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Specific Chapter/Section References

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Deaths in young ducklings associated with infestation of the nasal cavity with leeches





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Castor bean poisoning



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Leech infestation of the eye in geese





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A survey of animal mycoses in Britain: general aspects





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Metaldehyde poisoning





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An outbreak of duck coccidiosis in Britain



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A survey and review of the causes of mortality in British birds and the significance of wild birds as disseminators of disease

69 713-720
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A survey and review of the causes of mortality in British birds and the significance of wild birds as disseminators of disease - Part II

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The isolation of an influenza virus and a Mycoplasma associated with duck sinusitis





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Duckling virus infection



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Duck hepatitis





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Duck hepatitis: vaccination against two serological types



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Duckling virus infection



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Metaldehyde poisoning in geese



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Losses from botulism in mallard duck and other water fowl





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Infestation of ducklings with leeches





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Infestation of waterfowl with leeches



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Natural repair of a mallard’s wing



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Atherosclerosis in a wildfowl collection



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Full Text Available

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Full Text Available

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Full Text Available

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