< > J106 - Neurology

Organisation American Academy of Neurology
Publisher Lancet Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
ISSN 0028-3878

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
J106.23.w1 1973 Warkel, R.L., Rinaldi, C.F., Bancroft, W.H., Cardiff, R.D., Holmes, B.S. & Wilsnack, R.E.
Fatal acute meningoencephalitis due to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus 23 198-203
J106.55.w1 2000 Nichter, C.A., Pavlakis, S.G., Shaikh, U., Cherian, K.A., Dobrosyzcki, J., Porricolo, M.E. & Chatturvedi, I. Rhomboencephalitis caused by West Nile fever virus 55 153
J106.55.w2 2000 Ahmed, S., Libman, R., Wesson, K., Ahmed, F. & Einberg, K. Guillain-Barré syndrome: an unusual presentation of West Nile virus infection 55 144-146

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