< > J224 - Acta Neuropathologica

Organisation Research Group for Neuropathology, Research Group for Comparative Neuropathology, & Research Group for Neurooncology of the World Federation of Neurology
Publisher Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany
ISSN 1432-0533

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
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J224.86.w1 1993 Guiroy, D.C., Williams, E.S., Song, K.-J., Yanagihara, R., & Gajdusek, D.C. Fibrils in brains of Rocky Mountain elk with chronic wasting disease contain scrapie amyloid 86 77-80
J224.102.w1 2001 Liberski, P.P. & Guiroy, D.C. Deposition patterns of disease-associated prion protein in captive mule deer brains with chronic wasting disease 102 496-500

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