< > J68 - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B

Organisation The Royal Society, London
Publisher The Royal Society, London
ISSN 0962-8436 (Paper)
1471-2970 (Online)

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
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J68.223.w2 1934 Allanson, M. The reproductive processes of certain mammals. Part VII.- Seasonal variation in the reproductive organs of the male hedgehog 223 277-303
J68.297.w1 1982 Whittle, K.J., Hardy, R., Mackie, P.R. & McGill, A.S. A quantitative assessment of the sources and fate of petroleum compounds in the marine environment 297 193-218
J68.297.w2 1982 Sindermann, C.J. Implications of oil pollution in production of disease in marine organisms 297 385-399
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J68.361.w1 2006 Allen, W.R. Ovulation, pregnancy, placentation and husbandry in the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) 361 821-834
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