< > J69 - Veterinary Quarterly

Organisation Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association
Publisher Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association
ISSN 0165-2176

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
J69.16.w1 1994 Schreuder, B.E.C. Animal spongiform encephalopathies - an update part 1. scrapie and lesser known animal spongiform encephalopathies 16 174-181
J69.16.w2 1994 van Burren, C.E., Dorrestein, G.M. & van Dijk, J.E. Chlamydia psittaci infections in birds: a review on the pathogenesis and histopathological features 16 38-41
J69.18S3.w1 1996 Lumeij, J.T. Syphilis in European brown hares (Lepus europaeus) 18S3 S151-S152
J69.18.w2 1996 Noli, C., van der Horst, H.H. & Willemse, T. Demodicosis in ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) 18 28-31
J69.20S2.w1 1998 Mackay, D.K.J.. Differentiating infection from vaccination in foot-and-mouth disease 20S2 S2-S5
J69.20S2.w2 1998 Bergmann, I.E., Astudillo, V., Malirat, V. & Neitzert, E. Serodiagnostic strategy for estimation of foot-and-mouth disease viral activity through highly sensitive immunoassays uning bioengineered nonstructural proteins 20S2 S6-S9
J69.22.w1 2000 de Smit, A.J. Laboratory diagnosis, epizootiology, and efficacy of marker vaccines in classical swine fever: a review 22 182-188
J69.28.w1 2006 Reid, C.E., Hildebrandt, T.B., Marx, N., Hunt, M., Thy, N., Reynes, J.M., Schaftenaar, W. & Fickel, J. Endotheliotropic elephant hepes virus (EEHV) infection. The first PCR-confirmed fatal case in Asia 28 61-64

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