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Biome - "a climatically controlled group of plants and animals of a characteristic composition and distributed over a wide area, such as tropical rainforest, tundra, temperate rainforest, desert, savanna, mountain habitats, taiga and northern coniferous forest etc." (B73)

- "a biological subdivision of the Earth's surface that reflects the character of the vegetation. Biomes are the largest geographical biotic communities that it is convenient to recognise. They broadly correspond with climatic regions, although other environmental controls are sometimes important. They are equivalent to the concept of major plant formations in plant ecology, but are defined in terms of all living organisms and of their interactions with the environment (and not only with the dominant vegetation type). Typically, distinctive biomes are recognized for all major climatic regions of the world, emphasizing the adaptation of living organisms to their environment e.g. tropical rainforest biome, desert biome, tundra biome." (B80)