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Dabbling ducks This Waterfowl group is presently recognized to contain all members of the genus Anas, and Malacorhynchus membranaceus - Pink-eared duck. (See List of waterfowl species). These species are grouped together due to their distinctive "dabbling" feeding style.

Although not usually included in this group taxonomically, the Pochard species Netta erythrophthalma - Southern pochard, Netta peposaca - Rosy-billed pochard, Marmaronetta angustirostris - Marbled teal and to a lesser extent Aythya nyroca - Ferruginous pochard are behaviourally closer to the Dabbling ducks than to the Diving ducks.

The Ringed teal - Callonetta leucophrys is sometimes placed in this group. (B8, V.w5, V.w6,)

  • Dabbling-ducks
  • Puddle ducks
  • Puddle-ducks
  • Dabblers