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Diving ducks A group of Waterfowl species which commonly dive and require sufficient water to fulfill this behavioural need. General considered to include the following groups - Pochards, Stifftails, and Seaducks (See List of waterfowl species). However, the Pochard species Netta erythrophthalma - Southern pochard, Netta peposaca - Rosy-billed pochard and to a lesser extent Aythya nyroca - Ferruginous pochard are behaviorally closer to the Dabbling ducks than to the Diving ducks.

Thalassornis leuconotus - White-backed duck, although generally recognized as a Whistling-duck, is included in this group for management purposes (B8, B25, D1, V.w5, V.w6, )

(See also WWT Waterfowl Management Guidelines - Appendix)

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