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Ecosystem - "a community of different species interdependent on each other together with their non-living environment, which is relatively self-contained in terms of energy flow, and is distinct from neighboring communities. Different types of ecosystems are defined by the collection of organisms found within them e.g. forest, soil, grassland. Continuous ecosystems covering very large areas, such as the northern coniferous forest or the steppe grassland are known as biomes. q.v." (B73)

- "A term first used by A. G. Tansley in 1935 to describe a natural unit that consists of living and non-living parts, interacting to form a stable system. Fundamental concept include the flow of energy via food chains and food webs, and the cycling of nutrients biogeographically. Ecosystem principles can be applied at all scales - thus principles that apply e.g. to an ephemeral pond can be applied equally to a lake, an ocean, or the whole planet. In Soviet and Central European literature "Biogeocoenosis" describes the same concept." (B80)

- "The habitat component of an ecosystem is known as an Ecotope." (V.w6)

  • ecological system