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Macroparasites Taken directly from Anderson & May, 1979 (J9.280.w1)

- "By using the term "parasitic infection" to include all organisms - viruses, bacteria, protozoans, helminths and arthropods - on the US Centre of Disease Control's list, we are encompassing a great diversity of life forms and of associated population parameters. Broadly however, two classes may be distinguished: Microparasites and Macroparasites (below) -

[Macroparasites] Parasitic helminths and arthropods tend to have much longer generation times than microparasites, and direct multiplication within the host is either absent or occurs at a low rate. The immune responses elicited by these metazoans generally depend on the number of parasites present in a given host, and tend to be of relatively short duration. Macroparasitic infections therefore tend to be of a persistent nature, with hosts being continually reinfected." (J9.280.w1)