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Perching Ducks A common term used in reference to some members of the order Anseriformes and is presently recognized to contain all members of the genera Aix, Cairina, Nettapus, and Amazonetta brasiliensis - Brazilian teal, Callonetta leucophrys - Ringed teal, Sarkidornis melanotos - Comb duck, Pteronetta hartlaubii - Hartlaub's duck, Chenonetta jubata - Maned duck and Plectropterus gambensis - Spur-winged goose. Other Anseriformes species not included above also commonly "perch" particularly Anseranas semipalmata - Magpie goose and the Dendrocygna species.

(See List of waterfowl species). (V.w5, V.w6, )