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Seaducks This Waterfowl group is presently recognized to contain all members of the genera Somateria, Melanitta, Mergus and Bucephala, and Histrionicus histrionicus - Harlequin duck, Lophodytes cucullatus - Hooded merganser, Clangula hyemalis - Long-tailed duck, Polystica stelleri - Steller's eider and Mergellus albellus - Smew. (See List of waterfowl species). These species are mainly associated with coastal and open water.

Despite the name, some species are found on fresh-water particularly during breeding season, while some other species, particularly the two Pochard species: Aythya affinis - Lesser scaup and Aythya marila - Greater scaup (Pochards) are also found coastally in winter. (B25, V.w5, V.w6,)