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- "wing-flash. Brightly coloured patch in many dabbling ducks, usually glossy or iridescent green, blue or purple, sometimes with black and/or white edging. Visible on the side of the duck when the wings are folded and made from the secondary flight feathers and their coverts. Characteristic colours for each species."(V.w5)

- "The distinctive, often iridescent, color patterns on the wings of many ducks, usually involving only the secondary leathers and their coverts but sometimes extending to the primaries."(B8 - waterfowl natural history associated terms)

- "A brightly-coloured area of the wing typically being the highly-glossed secondaries of the upperwing of dabbling ducks and shelducks."(B25 - waterfowl identification associated terms)

(See External Appearance of a Typical Duck - Whole Body and Wings.)

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