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Waterfowl The terms "Waterfowl" and "Wildfowl" have no standard interpretation and are used variably and frequently interchangeably by professionals at all levels. For defining the data to be incorporated in Wildpro "Waterfowl: Health and Management Module" we considered "waterfowl" within the common North American usage: to include only the Anseriformes - Ducks, Geese and Swans (see also List of Waterfowl Species). We have not included detailed information on Anhimidae - Screamers. (V.w6)

The following definitions are included as they refer to the texts that are referenced to:

- "[Wildfowl] A collective term for all ducks, geese and swans."(B93 - technical terms and acronyms for wetlands management)

- "[Waterfowl] Here used as a collective term for all swimming waterbirds including grebes, Coot and all wildfowl (q.v)."(B93 - technical terms and acronyms for wetlands management)

  • Wildfowl
  • Water-fowl
  • Wild-fowl
  • Water fowl
  • Wild fowl