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Immunoglobulins - "highly variable proteins synthesized by the B lymphocytes of the immune system and the plasma cells derived from them. They occur in two forms: as membrane-bound immunoglobulin on the surface of B cells, where they act as the antigen receptors, and as antibody secreted by plasma cells after the differentiation of B cells into plasma cells during an immune response. Antibodies are found in blood and body secretions. An immunoglobulin molecule consists of two identical light chains and two identical larger heavy chains. Light and heavy chains have a variable N-terminal region which varies from one antibody to another, and a constant C-terminal region which is characteristic of the particular class to which the antibody belongs. Each antigen-binding site is composed of the variable regions of one heavy and one light chain. Some classes of antibodies (IgA and Ig M) are composed of more than one immunoglobulin molecule." (B73)
  • Immunoglobulin (singular)
  • Ig (Abbreviation)