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Infected Area (FMD) An Infected Area may be declared when several outbreaks of FMD occur within a limited geographical area. The limits of the Infected Area are usually drawn using geographical features or administrative boundaries. (W18.Apl01.sib1).

"If an outbreak of FMD is confirmed, an infected area of not less than a 10 km radius around the infected farm is declared. This area is described in terms of identifiable boundaries such as roads, rivers and railways. The movement of livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep etc.) within an infected area is prohibited, except under licence. Livestock markets are closed, shows and some sporting events may be cancelled. An infected area may also be referred to as a "surveillance zone"." (W32.Apl01.sib16)

Infected Areas are designated by Declatory Order. (W32.Apl01.sib1).