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Formal Publisher/Organisation Department of the Environment, Transport and the Region
Contact Details Zoos, Zoo Licensing Act & Dangerous Wild Animals Act
Room 802
Tollgate House
Houlton Street
Tel: 0117 987 8209
E-mail: exotic_zoos@detr.gov.uk
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Date most recently updated March 2000
Text Availability (e.g. HMSO / Copyright / Public Domain etc.) Available directly from the DETR in printed format, and through the Internet (as an Adobe File).
ISSN (Or other code, if issued) Product code 99 WACD 1021
Brief Overview / Significance The Zoo Licensing Act enacted in 1981 and came into force in 1984. The Act requires the inspection and licensing of all zoos in Great Britain. The Act aims to ensure that, where animals are kept in caged surroundings, they are provided with a suitable environment to provide an opportunity to express most normal behaviour. Zoos must comply with both the provisions of the Act, and with the requirements set out in the Secretary of State's standards of modern zoo practice.

On 4 January 1999 the Department appointed consultants to review the current standards of modern zoo practice, with which all zoos have to comply. On 12 July 1999 the Government published the report by the Zoo Standards Review Group proposing revised Standards of Modern Zoo Practice inviting comments to be made by 10 September 1999. And in March 2000 updated standards were issued.

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