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Formal Publisher/Organisation Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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W66 - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Date most recently updated September 1989
Text Availability (e.g. HMSO / Copyright / Public Domain etc.) Available directly through the Internet: W66.Mar05.w4. Full text provided: click link above. Note: The version of this document linked above was provided to WIN by Defra in March 2005 and is reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence. More recent versions of the document may now be available. Please check the Defra website on the link provided (W66.Mar05.w3) for the most recent version.
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Brief Overview / Significance "The purpose of these codes is to encourage farmers to adopt the highest standards of husbandry. Although it is not a legal requirement to follow a code, failure to do so may be used as evidence when someone is being prosecuted for causing unnecessary pain or distress to livestock." Website Ref - W66 - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Issued under Section 3 of the Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1968.
NOTES - Amendments / Relation to other legislation Refers to a variety of legislation relating to deer.

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