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BWRC - Guidelines For Wildlife Rehabilitation Units
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Guidelines For Wildlife Rehabilitation Units





This publication is produced by the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. The aims of the BWRC are to promote the welfare of captive wildlife casualties by the exchange of information and the encouragement of research. The Council produces regular newsletters, organises meetings and maintains a directory of rehabilitation units.

Although, to the best of our knowledge, the details of legislation contained within this guidelines are accurate at the time of publication, we strongly recommend that expert advice is sought whenever a legal opinion is required.

British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council,
c/o RSPCA Wildlife Department,
Wilberforce Way
West Sussex RH13 7WN

This publication has been sponsored by the Wildaid Foundation Trust, through its Wildaid Challenge scheme.

Wildaid assists in the rescuing, nursing and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife throughout Britain. Wildaid is helping to fund the creation and maintenance of wildlife hospitals and sanctuaries through the Wildaid Challenge scheme. Contact Wildaid at the below address for more information about Wildaid Challenge and to receive a Wildaid Challenge Questionnaire.

Sprinks Lane,
ST10 2BX

Tel: 01538 754784
Fax: 01538 756702
Email: wildaidchallenge@compuserve.com

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