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The Hedgehog Helpline Booklet

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The copyright of this publication belongs to the Hedgehog Helpline.

The Hedgehog Helpline Booklet

Hedgehog Helpline - Registered Charity Number 1046156


If you are interested in hedgehogs or find one in need of attention you can write to: 

The Hedgehog Helpline, 
5 Foreland Road, 
Cardiff CF14 7AR 

or call one of the Hedgehog Helpline numbers on either Cardiff (029) 2062 3985 - or Newbridge (Caerphilly CBC) (01495) 244149.

For non urgent information try our e-mail at hedgehg@dircon.co.uk we also have a web address : http://www.hedgehg.dircon.co.uk/hedgehogs

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