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RSPCA - Orphaned Foxes
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Guidelines on the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Fox Cubs







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Stephen Harris

Zoology Department, Bristol University


David Macdonald

Zoology Department, Oxford University




Wildlife Department, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 7WN
Tel: 0870 010 1181 Fax: 0870 753 0048 www.rspca.org.uk


The illustrations by Guy Troughton first appeared in Urban Foxes by Stephen Harris, published in 1986, price 5.95, by Whittet Books Ltd, 18 Anley Road, London W14 OBY.

Photographs by John Goodman (Above right), George McCarthy (Top, Chapter 2 and Chapter 4), Jenny Rogers (Chapter 1).

The authors are indebted to Colin Booty and Tim Thomas for their help in the production of this booklet.

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