< > D133 - Protocols for the Care of Oil-affected Birds

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Publishing Organisation Oiled Wildlife Care Network. Wildlife Health Center, University of California, Davis
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Date most recently updated October 26, 2000
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These protocols are provided within Wildpro for the explicit purposes of oiled animal care and for individuals to educate themselves about this important subject. By clicking on the links below to open and read and/or print these protocols you agree not to further distribute the protocols nor use them for monetary gain either to yourself or to your organization.

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Protocols - Main text

Appendices to the Protocols

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D133.1.w1 Introduction and Background -- 1-3
D133.2.w2 General Human and Animal Concerns -- 5-7
D133.3.w3 Search and Collection -- 9-`12
D133.4.w4 Intake -- 13-19
D133.5.w5 Prewash Rehabilitation -- 21-26
D133.6.w6 Washing and Postwash Rehabilitation -- 27-29
D133.7.w7 Disposition -- 31-33
D133.Refs.w8 References   35
D133.App1a.w9 Appendix 1a. Unified Command Structure/ Incident Command System for Oil Spill Clean-up   36
D133.App1b.w10 Appendix 1b. Wildlife Operations   37
D133.App2a.w11 Appendix 2a. OWCN Response Personnel Reporting Structure   38
D133.App2b.w12 Appendix 2b. OWCN Response Personnel Descriptions   39
D133.App3.w13 Appendix 3. Live Bird/Mammal Log   42
D133.App4.w14 Appendix 4. Oil Spill Wildlife Response Team
Chain of Custody Intake Log
D133.App5.w15 Appendix 5. Zoonotic Diseases of Wild Birds   44
D133.App6a.w16 Appendix 6a. Oiled Bird Intake Form   45
D133.App6b.w17 Appendix 6b. Oiled Bird Daily Progress Form    46
D133.App6c.w18 Appendix 6c. Oiled Bird Intake Form Definitions and Instructions   47
D133.App7.w19 Appendix 7. Temporary Band Size Guide for Common Species   50
D133.App8.w20 Appendix 8. Clinical Signs of Dehydration   51
D133.App9.w21 Appendix 9. Normal Heart And Respiratory Rates Of Birds (Per Min.)   52
D133.App10.w22 Appendix 10. Safe Blood Volumes that can be Taken from
Avian Species on a Weekly Basis
D133.App11.w23 Appendix 11. Directions for Mixing Toxiban   54
D133.App12.w24 Appendix 12. Volume of Fluids to Administer   55
D133.App13.w25 Appendix 13. Nutritional Slurry Recipes   57
D133.App14.w26 Appendix 14. Avian Tube Feeding Amounts   58
D133.App15.w27 Appendix 15. Sample Feeding Schedules    59
D133.App16.w28 Appendix 16. Avian Feeding Schedule    60
D133.App17.w29 Appendix 17. Normal Weights of Selected
Coastal California Area Birds
D133.App18.w30 Appendix 18. Minimum Housing Guidelines for
Non-raptor Avian Species 
D133.App19.w31 Appendix 19. Batch Sampling Form   66
D133.App20a.w32 Appendix 20a. Dead Bird/Mammal Log   67
D133.App20b.w33 Appendix 20b. Backside of Dead Bird/Mammal Log   68
D133.App20c.w34 Appendix 20c. Oil Spill Wildlife Response Team Chain of Custody
Data Log for Beachcast Wildlife
D133.App21.w35 Appendix 21. OWCN Phone List   70
D133.App22.w36 Appendix 22. Pathology Report   71
D133.App23.w37 Appendix 23. Sample Packing and Shipping Instructions   73
D133.w38 Monthly Oiled Wildlife Report    74
D133.w39 Codes for Live or Dead Bird/Mammal Log Forms   75