< > D189 - Maritime Pollution Response in the UK The Environment Group (Scientific, Technical and Operational Guidance Note - STOp 1/2001)

Author(s) /Editors --
Publishing Organisation Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Wildpro Website Link Website Ref - W468 - Maritime and Coastguard Agency (W468.Feb2005.w3)
Date most recently updated 2001
ISSN (Or other code, if issued) STOp 1/2001

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"This notice aims to provide specific guidance to EG [Environment Group] membership on the purpose and scope of the EG, and in particular the great value in contingency planning through the establishment and maintenance of regional "standing" EG's." 

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Wildpro Reference CONTENTS (If available - Descriptions / Protocols/ Text Sections) within Wildpro
D189.1.w1 Introduction
D189.2.w2 Purpose, Scope and Key Tasks of the ENVIRONMENT GROUP (EG)
D189.3.w3 Composition and Structure of the EG
D189.4.w4 Establishment of the EG for Maritime Incident Response
D189.5.w5 Establishment of a standing EG and Contingency Planning
D189.A1.w6 Glossary of abbreviations
D189.A2.w7 Impact Assessment
D189.A3.w8 Data
D189.A4.w9 Communications
D189.A5.w10 Record Keeping
D189.A6.w11 Wildlife Welfare
D189.A7.w12 EG Chair generic check list
D189.A8.w13 Generic first meeting Agenda for the EG
D189.A9.w14 Checklist for Information Requirements during Maritime Pollution Incidents

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