< > D208 - Protocols for the Care of Oil-Affected Marine Mammals

Author(s) /Editors Johnson, S., Mazet, J., Newman, S., Haulena, M.,Yochem, P. & Ziccardi, M.
Publishing Organisation Oiled Wildlife Care Network; Wildlife Health Center, University of California, Davis
Wildpro Website Link
Date most recently updated 2003
ISSN (Or other code, if issued) --

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These protocols are provided within Wildpro for the explicit purposes of oiled animal care and for individuals to educate themselves about this important subject. By clicking on the link below to open and read and/or print this document you agree not to further distribute the protocols nor use them for monetary gain either to yourself or to your organization.

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D208.1.w1 Background Information -- 1-3
D208.2.w2 Search and Collection -- 5-7
D208.3.w3 Housing for Otters and Pinnipeds -- 9-`12
D208.4.w4 Intake and Admission Procedures -- 13-19
D208.5.w5 Important Medical Considerations -- 21-26
D208.6.w6 Animal Washing and Continued Care -- 27-29
D208.7.w7 Disposition -- 31-33
D208.Ref.w8 References   35
D208.App.w9 Appendices    

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