< > D251 - Polar Bear Nutrition Guidelines

Author(s) /Editors Lintzenich, B.A., Ward, A.M., Edwards, M.S., Griffin, M.E. & Robbins, C.T.
Publishing Organisation Polar Bears International / AZA Bear TAG
Wildpro Website Link W636.Feb06.w1
Date most recently updated February 2006
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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D251.1.w1 Executive Summary   5
D251.2.w2 Feeding Ecology and GI Morphology   5-6
D251.3.w3 Target Nutrient Values   6-10
D251.4.w4 Captive Diets   11-23
D251.5.w5 Assessing Body Condition   23-24
D251.6.w6 Serum Nutrient Norms   25-26
D251.7.w7 Assessing Stool Condition   27
D251.8.w8 Hand Rearing Contributors: Slifka, K.A. , Jacobsen, K. 28-40
D251.9.w9 Appendices   41-60
D251.9.w10 Salmonid Poisoning and Tapeworms Reed, H. 58-60

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