< > D252 - Idaho Black Bear Rehab Handbook 

Author(s) /Editors Maughan, S.
Publishing Organisation Idaho Black Bear Rehab Inc., Garden City, Idaho, USA
Wildpro Website Link W628.Mar06.w1 Website Ref - W628 - Idaho Black Bear Rehab Inc.
Date most recently updated December 2004/January 2005 (part)
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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D252.w1 Table of Contents   1
D252.w2 Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc. Information Sheet   2
D252.w3 Acknowledgments   3
D252.w4 Introduction   4
D252.w5 Statistics on Rehabilitated Cubs   5
D252.w6 Facilities and their Use   6-6g
D252.w7 Use of the Main Enclosure   7-7a
D252.w8 Formula   8-8a
D252.w9 Bottle Feeding & Feeding Formula in a Dish   9-9d
D252.w10 Introducing Solid Food   10-10a
D252.w11 Introducing Cubs to the Main Enclosure   11
D252.w12 Weaning   12-12b
D252.w13 Food Chart   13
D252.w14 Imprinting - Handling Cubs   14-14c
D252.w15 Behavior During Rehab   15-15
D252.w16 Daily Routine    16
D252.w17 Stages of Development    17 - 17i
D252.w18 Maturing of the Bears Wild Instinct    18
D252.w19 Preparation for Denning and Hibernation    19 - 19a
D252.w20 Denning    20 - 20a
D252.w21 Den Introductions & Spring Releases    21 - 21b
D252.w22 Trip to the Dens - Pictures    22
D252.w23 May, 1999 Spring Release - Pictures    23 - 23b
D252.w24 Spring Release or Winter Denning    24 - 24b
D252.w25 Do Rehab Cubs Become Problem Bears?    25 - 25b
D252.w26 Tetanus or Something Else?    26 - 26a
D252.w27 Injuries and Illness    27 - 27c
D252.w28 Summary - Is Rehab Successful with Orphaned Cubs? 
D252.w29 For the Bears   29-29c

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