< > D303 - Guidelines For The Control Of Tuberculosis In Elephants 2003

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Publishing Organisation The National Tuberculosis Working Group For Zoo & Wildlife Species
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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D303.1.w1 Introduction   2
D303.2.w2 Definitions   2-5
D303.3.w3 Annual Testing by Culture   5
D303.4.w4 Ancillary Diagnostic Tests   5
D303.5.w5 Culture Collection Procedure   5-6
D303.6.w6 TB Management Groups   6-10
D303.7.w7 Principles of Anti-tuberculosis Therapy   11
D303.8.w8 Anti-tuberculosis Drugs   11-15
D303.9.w9 Doses and Routes of Administration   15
D303.10.w10 Blood Levels   16
D303.11.w11 Necropsy   16-17
D303.12.w12 Employee Safety and Health   17
D303.13.w13 Reporting   18
D303.App3.w14 Appendix 3. A Trunk Wash Technique for the Diagnosis of TB in Elephants   21-22
D303.App4.w15 Appendix 4. Testing Laboratories   22-26

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