< > D386 - The Care and Management of Bonobos in Captive Environments

Author(s) /Editors Mills, J., Reinartz, G., De Bois, H., Van Elsacker, L. & Van Puijenbroek, B.
Publishing Organisation Bonobo Species Survival Plan/European Endangered Species Programme
Date most recently updated 1997
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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D386.2 BEHAVIOUR    
D386.2.1.w2a Group Size/Composition Vineberg, E.O.  
D386.2.2.w2b Adolescent Development Van Elsacker, L., Vervacecke, H. & Leus, K.  
D386.2.3.w2c Reproductive Characteristics Dahl, J. & Gould, K.  
D386.2.4.w2d Sociosexual Behavior Van Elsacker, L., Vervacecke, H. & Leus, K.  
D386.2.5.w2e Copulatory Behaviour Harvey, N.  
D386.2.6.w2f Gestation and Parturition Harvey, N.  
D386.2.7.w2g Bonobo Birth Survey Fagan, M.  
D386.2.8.w2h Infant Development (Birth to 1 year) Weaver, A.  
D386.2.9.w2i Juvenile Development (2-5 years) Johnson, C.  
D386.3 CARE    
D386.3.1.w3a Hand Rearing of Captive Bonobos Killmar, K., Hawes, J., Rieches, R., Sexton, P. & Gallagher, B.  
D386.3.2.w3b Captive Introductions of Adult Bonobos

Case Report 1: Introduction of bonobo males Kidogo II, Ludwig and Joey (to Dz/He/Ho+Re/De group) at Plankendael
Case Report 2: Introduction of male Zorba into Stuttgard Group

Rieches, R., Sexton, P. & Gallagher, B.

Case Report 1: Van Elsaker, L.


D386.3.3.w3c Bonobo Nutrition Rafert, J. & Vineberg, E.O.  
D386.3.4.w3d Bonobo SSP Initial Dietary Survey Rafert, J., Mills, J. & Peiffer, M.  
D386.3.5.w3e Reproductive Control Gould, K.  
D386.3.6.w3f Systematic Observations (Observational Studies) Harvey, N.  
D386.3.7.w3g Training Bell, B. & Ballman, S.  
D386.3.8.w3h Care Referrals to Chimpanzee Husbandry Manual    
D386.4 HEALTH    
D386.4.1.w4a Bonobo Health Management Kramer, L.  
D386.4.2.w4b Illness of the Laryngeal Sac Rietschel, W. & Kleeschulte, E.  
D386.4.3.w4c Care of Orphaned Bonobos at the Institut National de Recherche Bio-Mdicale, Kinshasa, Zaire Messinger, D.  
D386.5 DESIGN    
D386.5.1.w5a Enclosure Design Van Puijenbroeck, B. & De Bois, H.  
D386.5.2.w5b Conservation Education/Presentation of Bonobos Mills, J.  
D386.App1.w6 Appendix 1 Recommendations Regarding Physical and Social Environments    
D386.App2.w7 Appendix 2 Nutritional Analyses from the Columbus Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park    
D386.App3.w8 Appendix 3 Research Protocols for Long-Term Research    
D386.App4.w9 Appendix 4 Standardized Necropsy Report    
D386.App.w10 Appendix 5 The Care and Management of Chimpanzees in Captive Environments (Chimpanzee SSP Husbandry Manual)    

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