< > D427 - Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) Operations Manual First Edition

Author(s) /Editors Farmer, K.H., Unwin, S., Cox, D., Cress, D., Lucas, D., Cartwright, B. & Tooze, Z.
Publishing Organisation Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)
Date most recently updated 2009
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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
D427.1 African Primate Sanctuaries    
D427.1.1.w1a Situation analysis for African primates    
D427.1.2.w1b The role of sanctuaries in primate welfare and conservation    
D427.2 The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)    
D427.2.1.w2a Objectives of PASA    
D427.2.2.w2b Structure and status of PASA    
D427.3 PASA Code of Conduct, Policies and Principles    
D427.3.1.w3a PASA Mission Statement    
D427.3.2.w3b Definition of a PASA Sanctuary    
D427.3.3.w3c PASA Code of Conduct    
D427.3.4.w3d Operational Philosophy    
D427.3.5.w3e PrinciplePASA Policiess    
D327.4 Minimum Standards    
D427.4.1.w4a Overview of PASA minimum standards    
D427.4.2.w4b Sanctuary management and general operations    
D427.4.3.w4c Captive primate management    
D427.4.4.w4d Veterinary and human health and welfare    
D427.4.5.w4e Release and re-introduction    
D427.4.6.w4f Conservation education, environmental communication and advocacy    
D327.5 Best Practice Guidelines    
D427.5.1.w5a Sanctuary management and general operations    
D427.5.2.w5b Captive primate management    
D427.5.3.w5c Components of a preventative health program    
D427.5.4.w5d Conservation education, environmental communication and advocacy    
D327.6 PASA Membership and Criteria    
D427.6.1.w6a Sanctuary membership    
D427.6.2.w6b Annual membership renewal    
D327.7 PASA Accreditation and Complaints Procedure    
D427.7.1.w7a Introduction    
D427.7.2.w7b The PASA accreditation procedure    
D427.7.3.w7c Complaints procedure    
D327.8 ANNEX    

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