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Publisher International Zoo News, Chichester, UK / North of England Zoological Society, Chester, UK
ISSN 000-9155

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
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N18.45.w1 1998 Sanchez, G. & Waugh, D. Free mate choice in captive East African crowned cranes: a behaviour study at Loro Parque 45 335-
N18.47.w1 2000 Pickard, J. Pre- and post-partum behaviour of a female Malayan sun bear at Wellington Zoo 47 --
N18.48.w1 2001 Weigl, R. Zoo notes from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic 48 --
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N18.51.w2 2004 Gupta, B.K., Sinha, A.K. & Prakash, S. Rehabilitating rescued dancing bears in India 51 418-424

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