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Organisation Reference Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Information, U. S. Geological Survey
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This web-link has been created as part of the "Managing for West Nile Virus Infection in the USA" Wildpro module. Consult the Specific Section References at the end of this page for related links.

The following link connected to the main West Nile virus section:

  • http://cindi.usgs.gov/hazard/event/west_nile/west_nile.html
Notes Development of the Wildpro Module - "Managing for West Nile Virus Infection in the USA" is funded through a CINDI Grant.

CINDI was the USGS Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Information; including drought, earthquake, flood, geomagnetism, hurricane & coastal storm, landslide, volcano, wildfire, and wildlife disease. The activities of CINDI have now been integrated into other divisions of USGS.

Created by an act of Congress in 1879, the USGS has evolved over the ensuing 120 years, matching its talent and knowledge to the progress of science and technology. Today, the USGS stands as the sole science agency for the Department of the Interior. It is sought out by thousands of partners and customers for its natural science expertise and its vast earth and biological data holdings. The USGS is the science provider of choice in accessing the information and understanding to help resolve complex natural resource problems across the Nation and around the world.

Dates Referenced February 2001
Contact Details 570 National Center
Reston, VA 20192 USA
Tel: (+1) 888-275-8747
Website Address

http://cindi.usgs.gov (no longer active)


previously cindiweb@usgs.gov

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Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Information
West Nile Virus Maps 2001

This Website provided regularly updated National and State maps illustrating the distribution of West Nile Virus according to the results of West Nile Virus surveillance of the following groups: Bird, Human, Veterinary, Mosquito and Sentinel.


http://cindi.usgs.gov/hazard/event/west_nile/ - OR access via http://westnilemaps.usgs.gov/

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