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Scottish Badgers.

Scottish Badgers is an umbrella organisation created by voluntary badger groups to protect the welfare of Scotland’s badgers their setts and habitats. The executive committee looks at all aspects of badger work and issues that affect them. The organisation works closely with statutory authorities such as Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Executive for Rural Affairs Department, Forest Enterprise the Police and Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They have formed links with The Scottish Landowners Federation, National Farmers Union for Scotland and The Scottish Gamekeepers Association.

The latest estimates are that Scotland holds some 25, 000 badgers from Thurso in the north to the border with England in varying densities. There are many reasons for badgers either being absent from a particular area or indeed being present. Variety of habitat and most importantly the availability of food sources are the deciding factors. Scotland has such a variety of habitat and, if their needs can be met, then there is no reason why you will not find badgers. There are even badgers in towns and on mountains far from the nearest tree belying the idea that in Scotland they are a woodland species.

Badgers come into conflict with man in many ways and Scottish Badgers want to ensure that they get the best deal we can get for them. Development of roads is probably the most common problem that arises. New roads in particular can seriously affect the local badger population. Road Traffic Accidents involving badgers kill an estimated 2000 badgers every year in Scotland. That is about 10% of the population.

There are many aspects of badger related work that need addressing in Scotland and you can help. Obviously you can join Scottish Badgers and support the organisation. For your money you get a quarterly newsletter but most importantly you get public liability/personal accident insurance that covers you whilst carrying out work on behalf of the organisation. We need people who either know where badgers are or who are prepared to go and find them to come forward. Records need to be passed regularly to Local Biodiversity Recording Centres and Scottish Natural Heritage so we have early warning in place should a conflict arise. We are gathering information on road casualties to form a basis for identifying accident "black spots" so that we may in the future address the problem where badgers are regularly being killed by vehicles. You can help with all these jobs.

Badger related crime in Scotland seems to be fairly minimal but like all wildlife crime it is committed in areas that are remote. The organisation works closely with the police on this matter, it is their remit to investigate offences, but we can help by having records which are regularly updated. Should you suspect a crime has been committed then contact your local police who will put you in touch with a Wildlife Liaison Officer. Do not try to sort out the matter yourself. Many of the people involved in badger crime are hardened criminals who will not think twice about assaulting you. You can pass information, in strict confidence, to the Development Officer if you do not want to be directly involved yourself. We need to root out the people who get involved in badger crimes.

The Website contains information of local contacts for badger groups and individuals working with badgers in Scotland.

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Mr Ian Hutchison (Development Officer)
Scottish Badgers
13 Eddie Avenue

Tel: 01356 624851

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