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The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is an international charity dedicated to the protection of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their environment.

Mission Statement: 'WDCS is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment'.


To reduce and ultimately eliminate the continuing threats to whales, dolphins and their habitats.

To raise awareness of these wonderful animals and the need to protect them in their natural environment.

Objectives achieved by:

WDCS seeks to create a positive change in people's perceptions of cetaceans

WDCS seeks to maintain and develop an active supporter base of concerned individuals & institutions

WDCS seeks to develop and apply expertise to specific problems of cetacean protection policy

WDCS provides guidance & assistance to governments, statutory agencies, NGO's, the public & the media, on issues relating to cetaceans & the protection of the marine environment.

WDCS seeks to represent the interest of cetaceans at relevant national & international fora.

WDCS campaigns to initiate positive change for cetacean protection

WDCS implements & commissions non-intrusive conservation research on cetaceans in their natural habitat

WDCS publishes papers, journals and other communications.

WDCS differs from other NGO's who are concerned with whales & dolphins. We are concerned with welfare (captivity) and conservation (endangered species) but at the heart of our actions is a belief in the outright protection of whales & dolphins from hunting, pollution, captivity and by-catch. If the methods used to hunt whales were more'humane' and hunting did not endanger species or unique populations, we would still seek their protection.

WDCS recognises that whales & dolphins are part of a large and integrated environment of which cetaceans are merely a part. Our activities therefore, are not always soley focused on cetaceans though the effect on cetaceans will be the reason for our involvement in a campaign or project. Examples would include de-forestation and fishing techniques, which affect cetaceans & their environment. As part of an holistic philosophy WDCS considers the consequences of its actions on people and societies. Examples of this would include whale watch workshops in Iceland & our educational programmes in South America.

Public may contact us to:

Report a sighting or stranding (www.dolphinsightings.org) (our Sail to Save campaign - see website) - may pass calls to British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who are specifically trained to handle strandings - 01634 281682. BDMLR also run Marine Mammal Medic courses to train people in helping stranded mammals.

Obtain contact details to write to various officials/government to protest about whaling. Our Out of the Blue travel wing runs holidays to various destinations (Moray Firth,Azores, Argentina...) enabling public to see whales & dolphins (safely) in the wild.

We work in conjuction with Moray Firth Wildlife Centre (01343 820339) - Ellie Dickson is our Scottish Officer/dolphin researcher up there.

FAQ's we don't deal with:

Whale/dolphin watching accommodation in Scotland - directed to tourist board -01997 421415

Shark info - redirect to The Shark Trust 01635 551150/550380

Seal info - redirect to SCS (Seal Conservation Society) 01224 696362

Alison Smith - Director of Conservation
Mark Simmonds - Director of Science
Cathy Williamson - Captivity Campaigner

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Alexander House
James Street West

Tel. 01225 334511

Fax. 01225 480097

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