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What is the Trust? It is a registered charity that researches the ecology of game species. It also studies the habitat needs of game, and factors limiting survival such as food supplies, predation and disease. Our research is practical, designed to help manage the countryside in the best interests of game and wildlife, for the public benefit.

Trust objects: To promote for the public benefit the conservation and study of game species, their habitats and the other species associated with those habitats.

To conduct research into the ecology and biology of game species and their environmental requirements and to publish the useful results of such research.

To advance the education of the public in game biology and in the conservation of game (especially, but not exclusively, in the conservation of game as a sustainable resource).

To provide information and advice to governmental and other public bodies on matters relating to the foregoing objects.

Trust mission: Populations of game, wildfowl, deer and fish should be conserved and husbanded at densities which allow cropping on an optimum sustainable basis, in a way which is sympathetic to other users of the countryside and which benefits game, the natural environment and rural communities.

Game conservation should be regarded as a wise use of sustainable natural resources and valued as a prime example of conservation through wise use. The dependency of use creates a self-interest on the part of the user in sustaining the natural resource and in defending it against unwise use or destruction.

Conservation through wise use: The Advisory Service promotes the concept of Conservation through wise use to its clients. From low ground areas with grey partridges and skylarks, to the high ground with black grouse and golden plovers, this advice is an essential part of conservation.

Many grant schemes are now available for habitat improvement and the Advisory Service helps its clients maximise the conservation potential on all sorts of rural properties.

Our Advisors are updated with the latest findings from Game Conservancy research projects and this, together with the Advisors' own experience and training, offer the soundest possible advisory service.

Registered Charity No. 279968.

Dates Referenced August 2001
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Game Conservancy Trust
United Kingdom

Tel. +44(0)1425 652381

Fax. +44(0)1425 651026

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